Jessica Reed, an incredibly talented multi-passionate artist, needed a new website which focuses on her core business, custom book design, but that also makes space and celebrates her other interests, talents and pursuits. 


Book Interior Background Nordic.png



Jessica had a case of the spins and for good reason. She's author of The Baker's Appendix, a designer, a writer, an embroidery artist, a baker, a cake historian, and last but absolutely not least, a book designer. She's talented in so many incredible ways, that she was faced with the challenge of needing a website that supported her core business as a book designer but also incorporated her as well her - the full version of her. 




We first dove deep into her as a book designer, her business and her clients. It was imperative to understand the authentic needs of her client, so that we could create a website that truly spoke to them, the independent authors.

To ensure we were able to represent all her talents, I then created a sitemap for her website that incorporated strategically-placed homes for her other interests without distracting from her core client's website experience. 



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