I'm Wendy Combs

a strategic business and marketing consultant

I help professional small business owners define and grow their businesses strategically and efficiently. 

With over fifteen years experience in corporate and non-profit marketing, I'm able to quickly cut through the noise to find insights and truths in order to provide you the strategies, tools and support you need to make your business thrive. 


My expertise is in branding and strategic marketing. I'm also wife to a wonderful, supportive and uber creative husband and mom to one spunky daughter. After living in New York City for ten years, we spent a dream year living in Paris and traveling throughout Europe, as well as two years in Minneapolis. Now we've made our home in Portland, Oregon.

I'm on a mission to find balance and help others do the same.

As a professional marketer, I found that full-time corporate life took over my life. And it always wanted more. Weeks went by while my husband and I simply existed in the LIFE part of our life. I left corporate marketing to ensure that my family can enjoy the everyday. But I want to work. I'm a professional strategic marketer, and I don't want to stop.

I'm continually inspired by the enormous group of small business owners I'm surrounded by - designers, real estate agents, healthcare professionals and more - who believe that it's possible to create their own success on their own terms. I'm passionate about using my expertise to help this group grow and succeed. 


I help small business owners get closer to their goals through clear guidance, focused next steps, and meaningful planning. No secret tips. No magical formulas. You don't need to do it all. You need to prioritize and move in the right direction, and I'll help get you there.  


165% originally came from the thought of working 65% in order to live 100%. But I also want to give a full 165% to everything I do, including my work. It also means that we can shoot for big business goals like 165% growth. It's a play on numbers, but it's about balance. Life & Success.